10 reasons for choosing Denmark

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Denmark - land of MINDblowing business events!

Denmark is distinct and diverse, and the Danes surely ready to capture the attention of your participants wherever you choose to go. Organising an event, even across the country, is perfectly viable. First class communications and the country’s compact size, allow groups of all sizes to speedily get out of the region’s bigger cities and continue their events at distinct, local destinations whilst enjoying the varied Danish landscape; long stretches of coastline, rolling hills, imposing beech forests and the ever-so-close sea. In a nutshell, the regions are just waiting for you to show up!

Here are ten good reasons:

1. Easily accessible from everywhere

Whether your delegates are arriving from other parts of Scandinavia and Europe, or from North America, or even further afield, Denmark is easily accessible by air, sea, road or rail. Copenhagen Airport has consistently been voted among the "world's best" for its comfort, service and all-around performance. It is located just a 13-minute train ride from Copenhagen city centre. There are also International airports in Billund, Aalborg and Århus, with direct flights from a number of European destinations.

2. Events – throughout the year

Vibrant, trendy and full of atmosphere – Denmark is a joy at any time of year. The city offers a wealth of activities by day and night, throughout the seasons. After a productive day's work, take some time off and enjoy the Opera House - the latest architectural and cultural gem on the Copenhagen waterfront - or visit magical Tivoli Gardens. Be surprised by highway men in Rold Forest in North Jutland or plan a special event in one of Denmark’s many fascinating museums, lush parks or ultra-chic restaurants.

3. Trouble-free travel

Denmark is a small and compact country, so you'll find everything close at hand. Your guests will be able to get from the city to the country and back again in a very short space of time. And when it's time for a break from the meeting room, you can take a trip by train, coach or car through the scenic Danish landscape, and enjoy the clean air, crystal-clear lakes, lush beech woods and impressive seascapes.

4. Quality service

Handing over the reins of your conference or event to your chosen local organiser takes confidence and courage, but good service is the hallmark of Danish style. It's quite simply the way we do things. Talented and capable event organisers will do their utmost to ensure your delegates enjoy a smooth and seamless stay. What's more, practically everyone in Denmark speaks English – and many also speak German or French.

5. Rooms view a view

Whether your preferred style of accommodation is a 5-star hotel in downtown Copenhagen or a privately-owned castle in Jutland, Denmark has it all. Denmark gives you the freedom to create the ideal ambience for any event; and needless to say, your meeting and conference facilities will be equipped with up-to-the-minute AV technology.

6. Cutting-edge companies – throughout the region

Denmark, its capital Copenhagen and the Øresund Region (which encompasses the eastern part of Denmark and Southern Sweden) are home to a number of large international companies, respected research institutes and small hi-tech companies within the pharmaceutical, technological and medical industries, providing a prime example of how innovative Danish thinking attracts investors from all over the world.

7. Hygge and happiness

Danes are famous for their hospitality and for "hygge" (cosiness), which makes guests feel at home from the moment they arrive. The Danes are well-educated and open-minded.
Denmark is a safe and welcoming country in which to travel and stay. We love to see a job well done, and we will do everything to ensure your delegates have a great stay – enjoyable as well as enlightening.

8. Fabulous fresh food

Danish cuisine has never been better or more creative – today, we can boast no less than ten restaurants with the coveted Michelin stars – and that's more than any of our Scandinavian neighbours! Danish food is based on fresh produce from the countryside and the sea. Watch out for exciting fusion cuisine, mixing traditional Danish fare with influences from France, Asia or the Middle East. Then round off a perfect evening with a glass of our famous Aquavit. Skål!

9. Leisure and incentives

Denmark offers a wealth of options for leisure activities, team-building programmes and pre- or post tours. Funen is famous for its fairy-tale castles, manors and in particular and its authors – Hans Christian Andersen. Zealand brims with historical sights, such as Kronborg Castle (where Hamlet lived, according to Shakespeare), the Viking sites around Roskilde and Frederiksborg and the capital Copenhagen, which offers cultural experiences such as the Royal Danish Ballet, Amalienborg Palace, the Crown Jewels, Tivoli Gardens and much more …

10. Past, present & future – all in one place

From modern design and architecture to scientific and social innovation, the Danes are famous for their fresh and forward-thinking attitude and lifestyle. But we also cherish our history, as represented by our medieval towns and castles, Viking Age finds and past artistic accomplishments. While enthusiastically embracing progress, we never lose sight of our historical traditions - which is what helps to make Denmark such a fascinating and unforgettable destination.

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5 ways to get around in Denmark

You can always go by car og taxi in Denmark, but if you want a taste of local life, consider these means of transportation.

1. Bike - Danes are famous for their biking. Rent one and see the sites on two wheels.

2. Boat - Close to the water, many cities offer travel by boat. Go by ferry or take tours on water taxis. 

3. Segway - A different way to explore the country.

4. Metro - The Copenhagen metro will get you from Copenhagen airport to the citycenter in 13 minutes. 

5. Train - Train infrastructure is well developed in Denmark and trains run often.