Danish Gastronomy Congress

Meals are potential highlights during meetings and conferences. In fact, good food can have a positive effect on the atmosphere of a whole event and increase brain activity levels too! We Danes understood that a long time ago, and in connection with our fight against boring meetings - dubbed "Meetovation" - we present unique and culinary experiences with authentic and local flavours, that could be on your agenda if attending a business event in Denmark...

It’s no secret for whoever visited Denmark over the past years: Danish cooks have become experts in combining international trends with recipes taken from Grandma’s antique cookbooks and local gastronomy using only the best of Denmark’s natural produce, and thus creating the "New Nordic Cuisine".

This change has been led by the Danish capital Copenhagen’s restaurants, which are now recognised by top food writers, gourmets and gourmands from around the world. To underline its position, Copenhagen today boasts the World’s Best Restaurant; restaurant noma, currently #1 on the prominent Restaurant Magazine’s Top 50 list, 3rd year in a row.

Food-lovers knowing the Danish gastronomy scene all agree though; had the Michelin Guide opted to visit other parts of Denmark than only creative Copenhagen, they would have awarded stars to some of the gastronomic gems hidden across the country too; Be it the new gourmet restaurant at Comwell’s 5-star hotel Kongebrogaarden on Funen, the Koch brothers ‘multi-food house’ in Aarhus or Morten’s Kro in Aalborg - they surely all deserve a visit – not only from the Michelin Guide, but from hungry and open-minded business delegates from across the world too!

Yet, this doesn’t mean that Denmark is a fancy, expensive destination: it indeed offers everything your budget can afford. In point of fact, a number of former Michelin chefs have opened new mid priced restaurants bringing along their unique techniques and ambitious Danish dishes available for all budgets, and the selection of organic and environmentally conscious cafés, delis and restaurants to visit before, under or after a business event in Denmark is growing all the time - in Copenhagen and elsewhere in the country!

Be inspired by - Many interesting and creative restaurants in Denmark

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