Practical Information


No tolerance

In Denmark, you may not acquire, possess, carry or use firearms, knives or other dangerous weapons, except in specific cases with particular police permission.  It is also illegal to use self-defence sprays such as CS gas in Denmark.


You need a special permit to carry knives or daggers, if the blade is longer than 7cm (2.7 in). This does not apply for knives used in businesses, households, hunting, fishing or scuba diving.

Knives in public places

You may not carry knives in public places, educational facilities, youth clubs or other similar places. Knives with blades of less than seven inches long that can’t be locked are the only exception. However, Denmark is a very safe country and it is extremely uncommon that people carry knives.

Weapons for hunting or competition use

If you live in an EU country and have a European firearms licence, you do not need special permission to use your weapon in Denmark for hunting or target shooting. If you live outside the EU, you can use your weapon for hunting or target shooting if you have a gun licence from your home country or a statement from the authorities that such permission is not needed.


It is against the law to bring fireworks into Denmark, as a private citizen.