Overview of tour proposals

Map with the 19 selceted tour proposals around Lillebælt

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T19: The East Coast Route

Bøgeskov - Hejlsminde

The east coast route, which follows national route 5, is slightly hilly. It follows Lillebælt through Fredericia and Kolding and along the way provides views of Kolding Inlet, Mosvig and Hejlsminde Bay. The centre of Fredericia consists of streets at right angles surrounded by one of

T18: Lillebælt Classic

Middelfart - Snoghøj - Kolding

T17: Kongeådalen

Kolding - Vamdrup

T16: Troldhedebanestien

Jordrup - Kolding 

T15: Elbodalen

Højrup - Gudsø - Kolding

T14: Drejens Peninsula

Sønder Vilstrup Skov - Nørre Bjert - Drejens Halvø

The route from Herslev to Kolding follows national route 55 and is an attractive ride in slightly hilly terrain. Along the way you will see varying scenery with green hedges, low dams and woods. Route 55 joins national routes 5 and 6 at Nørre Bjert. At Elvighøj there is an excellent view of both the Kidholmene islands and Skærbækværket and a chance of a refreshing dip.

T13: The Medieval Route

Jordrup - Lunderskov - Stepping

T12: Christiansfeld

Hejls - Christiansfeld

The route from Hejls to Christiansfeld has something to offer every member of the family. It follows national route 5 and regional routes 10 and 51. Hejls and Hejlsminde are like pearls on a string facing the Little Belt, surrounded by water on three sides. At Hejlsminde, there is

T11: The Waterway at Kolding

Kolding - Sønder Stenderup - Sønder Bjert

The waterway is an attractive bike ride along Kolding Inlet. It follows national route 5 most of the way. The route starts at Koldinghus and continues to the Stenderup peninsula where you can enjoy beautiful views over Kolding Inlet and Lillebælt.

T10: Kolding River Valley and Hylkedalen

Kolding - Seest - Vondsild

T9: Trelde Promontory

Trelde Næs - Fredericia C

If you are looking for a bike ride that will show you interesting war history, town life and nature, then this route is a good choice. It follows national route 5 and regional route 58. Take care to follow the instructions on the map, as not all parts of the route are signposted. You can

T8: Hannerup Forest

Hannerup - Snoghøj - Skærbæk

T7: Rands Inlet

Egeskov - Bredstrup - Brøndsted

T6: The Culture Route

Middelfart - Emtekær - Harndrup - Middelfart

T5: The Church Route

Føns - Båring

T4: Along Lillebælt

KulturØen - Strib

T3: Middelfart Marina

KulturØen - Middelfart Marina

T2: Fresh country air and beaches

Svenstrup - Vejlbyfed