Can you find the Faroe Islands on a world map?

Discover Copenhagen from the waterside and enjoy the city, the harbour and the charming canals from the water. Many places along the Copenhagen canals it is possible to rent boats that seat 4+ people for an outing on the clean canals.

In both Copenhagen and Aarhus you have the chance to experience a eating in very unique surroundings. In authentic and tightly packed halls numerous food trucks and food stalls stand ready to excite your taste buds with treats and street food from all different corners of the world.

Now you have the chance to walk, run or cycle around the beautiful harbour of Copenhagen. The Harbour Circle is a 13 km long walking, running and cycling route, which trails around the inner harbour of Copenhagen.

If you go for a walk through the streets of Denmark’s major cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus or Aalborg, you will typically experience a very varied architecture and urban spaces where old and new stand side by side.

Copenhagen's harbour has such clean water that you can swim in it! In fact, there are not many other cities where urban residents have the opportunity to jump in a clean harbour during the summer.

Denmark is renowned for its distinctive cycling culture. Up to 55% of the Danish population choose bikes as their means of daily transportation. A streamlining of green initiatives in the country has meant that Danes have built a unique and strong tradition when it comes to cycling.

No matter where you look, Danes are focusing on sustainable solutions. Copenhagen has won the prestigious ‘European Green Capital’ award in recognition of the city's efforts to combine sustainable solutions with growth and quality of life.

Combine your trip to Denmark with a taste of local gastronomy!

A full-day meeting indoors can be physically and mentally challenging. With an outdoor meeting-session, you can give your delegates a much deserved break while setting the foundation for teamwork and clearing heads with fresh air.

Grab it



A brainstorm exercise with the purpose of getting participants to turn the familiar upside down and do something different than the usual.



The exercise is a good way to start a meeting. It is a great icebreaker and makes participants reflect on their reason for participating in the meeting.


Meetovation is a meeting concept for those who want real value for money when investing in a meeting. We will help you organize meetings, for which the value is clear and the ROI high. Simply put, we aim to put an end to boring meetings that do not motivate or change participants.

Each of these are necessary in order to create a valuable meeting. However, do not necessarily weigh all the elements equally at every meeting. It depends entirely on the type of meeting.

Denmark has potential to be the world’s best country when it comes to meetings. We work hard to create the most optimal meeting conditions. And we focus on the good meeting. But ‘potential’ is not enough.

Famtrips are often a great way to get a feel for a destination. But despite the new exciting settings of the famtrip location, you may sometimes feel like the hotels and venues start to resemble each other. Maybe you even mix them up (or worse yet - forget them!) when you get back home.


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