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The purpose of this exercise is to provide new networking opportunities for the attendees.


This exercise is brilliant to use by the beginning of the day, after a break or during a meeting or conference. 

Vi har Aalborgs beste og mest varierte tilbud av konferanselokaler. Her er alt fra små lokaler til vår storslåtte sal, Ny Kilden, som kan romme utstillinger, kongressarrangementer osv.. Velg mellom byens beste utsikt i 15.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium with more than 20000 animals and seven million liters of water

Meetovation projektet blev udviklet i årene 2006-2009 på basis af projektet "Fremtidens mødekoncept" fra 2004, og har givet Danmark en suveræn first mover position på det internationale marked ved at skabe unikke danske møde- og konferenceprodukter.

Copenhagen gets another unique meeting venue and attraction when on March 22nd 'The Blue Planet' - northern Europe's largest aquarium and a spectacular building in the shape of a giant seashell - opens its doors to the public.

Passenger numbers at Copenhagen Airport reached a new record high in 2012 at 23.3 million passengers.

VisitDenmark: Guy, your mission is '…to increase the sustainability of the events industry…' Why and when did this journey begin?

Aarhus played host to the annual ICCA Scandinavia Conference 2013 on 4-5th March 2013.

If so, your attendance at one of the MINDchallenge events around Europe or in North America gives you the opportunity to participate in the first-ever international Meetovator course.

During the course you will achieve/get:

Western day offers a program filled with action designed to strengthen the bonds between participants through challenging and entertaining activities.

Participants are trained in using their creativity, showing trust, collaborating and taking initiative. Following the activities, a party will be held and the event will conclude with breakfast and a summary the following morning.

The event focuses on a subject or an area in which the organiser seeks innovation and new developments.

In "The Creative Space" participants work within an innovative framework where conference facilities are customised to offer inspiration and promote creativity.

The concept supports companies, associations etc. that prioritise responsibility, health, and well-being.
Physical activity is one of the key elements of this meeting concept, which focuses on creating new energy among the participants

Participants will experience a whole year of a company’s business over the course of just one day – all the challenges and unexpected twists and turns.

The concept aims to improve the relationship between colleagues. Mutual understanding and a sense of belonging with the company are keywords.

Return on Music is an innovative kick-off event where participants define a product’s message using lyrics and music, which they highlight in a professionally produced music video during the meeting.

Innovation, commitment and new initiatives are the keywords. This concept supports kick-off meetings geared at product launches, new strategies or collaborations, or simply just a new year of business.

This concept helps participants focus on values and communication and encourages them to think differently and proactively.

The concept is designed to offer support in situations when co-workers need to find common ground before starting new projects or developments.

The concept can be applied to strategy and merger meetings, annual meetings and other occasions that call for new direction.


Showing 20 from 96 marked with "Meetings"