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Two countries in one day
Once you are in Denmark, Sweden is just around the corner. Visit two countries in one day by taking a short drive over the Øresunds bridge.

Experience greenbuilding – out-of-the ordinary teambuilding. In a Danish park delegates will compete in teams to win climate points and get tips on how to behave sustainably at work and at home. Find out which delegates are the best Green ambassadors!

Why not encourage your delegates to act sustainably by giving them a sustainable experience in Denmark? Stay in modern sustainable hotels, dine in organic food restaurants and use sustainable modes of transportation, including bicycles, me-movers or walking.

The facilitator asks the participants to stand up, shake hands and exchange a few words with a delegate they have not spoken to before. This method is a useful ice-breaker as many people tend to sit down and wait to be entertained before a conference starts, instead of talking to people.

Network bingo is a fun way to get people to know each other and to create great energy in the room.


Create your own bingo cards with 6-8 statements. The statements could be:

Give the delegates new energy by invigorating their senses. Make a small spa energizer where the delegates get to smell different scents holding a warm towel over their face.

This evaluation matrix is a method to make the participants think about what they have gained from a workshop or seminar.


Experience Denmark from above in a helicopter! Use a helicopter to transfer delegates and see more of Denmark.

Other incentive activities:

• Sail a real Viking ship!

• Cook with a Michelin chef

• Sail at high speeds in a RIB boat!

The Danish Food sector is all about getting the best out of the local resources that Denmark's nature has to offer. Denmark's gastronomy is on a path of continuous innovation and development in a sector that reaches far beyond the borders of Denmark.

Denmark has been a leading nation in the design field for decades and today Danish design is known the world over. From Danish architecture to Danish furniture, fashion and even toys, Denmark is at the forefront of producing world-renowned design classics.

Mærsk line shipping by Simon Burchett, Flickr

Shipping is a unique Danish stronghold and Danish shipping companies are at the forefront of the most advanced parts of the global shipping market.

Despite its small size Denmark has one of the world's largest shipping industries.

Denmark has a centuries old tradition for research and higher learning in almost every recognized academic field. The oldest Danish university was founded over 500 years ago and is still active today.

Denmark is a well-known, established international player in the field of life science.

If you are into good food, you’ll love Denmark! Not only does it have one of the world’s best restaurants, noma, but it’s also Scandinavia’s gourmet capital with 22 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Denmark offers a long list of amazing incentive possibilities. Give your delegates an authentic experience by combining your event with locally inspired activities.

Here are a few...

Celebrated for its design traditions, Denmark is home to architectural wonders and new contemporary art museums, as well as design hotels with an inspired vision of Nordic living.

Denmark is a clean-tech and renewable energy world leader. Denmark has one of the world's most ambitious climate policies, with a goal of using100 per cent. renewable energy by 2050.

Denmark has time and time again been named the world's happiest country. Recently in 2016 by the fourth 'World Happiness Report'. Denmark has topped the list twice before since the experts started measuring happiness around the world in 2012.

Denmark is home to a rich and diverse history filled with kings and queens, vikings and famous fairy-tale writers. 

Take you jumping off point in Denmark's history and make your meeting extra memorable. 

Denmark isn't lacking memorable venues. All over the country you can find unique and authentic venues for staging meetings with just the right ambiance.


Showing 20 from 514 marked with "Meetings"