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VisitAalborg’s primary duty is to offer free assistance, advice and counseling about the many facilities and opportunities in the city of Aalborg.

The Radisson Blu hotel chain is operated by the Rezidor Hotel Group, and is one of Europe’s largest chains of luxury hotels – including more than 280 hotels spread across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Crowne Plaza’s green profile proves how successful meetings and sustainability can easily be united, and our sustainable approach to design, operation and business has ensured us the position as Denmark’s most sustainable hotel.

Copenhagen Marriott is located on Kalvebod Brygge in the heart of Copenhagen with a spectacular view over the harbour channel. 

Bella Center Copenhagen offers many years of experience, modern facilities and a full service concept wherein we assist you with all-around counselling and service to your event.

BC Hospitality Group has per d.d. more than 1.580 hotel rooms, 162 meeting and conference rooms, and about 200.000 m2 conference, meeting and event facilities with space for more than 30.000 people.

The purpose of the exercise is also to make participants inspire each other, share knowledge and give input and reflect over the topic of the day.

Whether we talk about conferences, meetings, seminars, congresses or the alike, our success is dependent on something as simple as giving both senders, participants, speakers, and other content suppliers, a common direction and a common return.

By using this type of presentation you maintain the attention and focus of your participants.
It is an alternative presentation format that can be customized in a variety of ways.

This is the only way. If the event does not influence the participants in a way that is new to them, the event has no value. Never. It is not possible. Thoughts and emotions do not count, only physical behavior. This simple and universal fact is the basic principle of the ROI method.


Invite participants to decorate the meeting room themselves.

Write participant some weeks before the meeting and inform them about the preliminary program for the event.

Denmark has a number of skilled speakers and it is almost impossible not to find a speaker who can talk about exactly the topic on your agenda.

Most professional meeting and event planners are always on the lookout for new eye openers for their next event, and many search for such eye openers in the digital world where there is an abundance of applications that can meet a variety of needs.

This guiding report has been made in order to make it easier for meeting and event designers to hold green and socially responsible meetings and events. The report works as a checklist that can help the organizer answering questions about how to hold green and socially responsible meetings.

Do you need to move your team beyond the status quo; develop a new work routine; or to see yourselves in new roles because your company is undergoing change, then graphic facilitation can be the key to create a new framework and a new self

Purpose with the exercise

The purpose of taking a walk’n’talk is to get fresh air to the brain and thus stimulate this to think in new ways.

When you take meeting participants out of their known settings, you increase their creativity and make things appear in a new light.

The exercise is built up around a train journey.

Et møde har ingen værdi i sig selv. Det er den adfærdsændring som mødet skaber, der har en værdi.


Showing 20 from 205 marked with "Meetovation"