111. Stavrshoved

Stavrshoved fishing spot.

Not to be confused with a point north of Kerteminde of the same name. Rocky coastline, seldom overrun with anglers. Garfish in season. Flatfish at several locations. Possible to catch large flounder (1-3 kg).

Røjle Klint

110. Røjle Klint

Reliable stretch close to Røjle Klint.

A reliable stretch – always worth a visit if winds are southerlies. Good stretch for fly fishing. Possible to catch garfish in season and flatfish at several spots.

Strib fyr

109. Strib Fyr (lighthouse)

Outstanding summer fishing spot at Strib Fyr

Very strong currents off the lighthouse. Excellent summer fishing but good angling all year round. Excellent spot to choose if you are hoping to bag large sea trout. Excellent bycatches of cod. Lots of garfish in season. Possible to catch mackerel in season. From the lighthouse to the east, there are fine flatfish spots.

Ny Lillebæltsbro

108. The New Lillebælt Bridge

Fishing spot at the New Lillebælt Bridge

Fishing conditions which are much like those at Gals Klint. If you are south of the bridge, to reach the deep channel, you have to wade some way out. Garfish in May. Possible to catch mackerel and cod.

middelfart havn

107b. Middelfart Harbour

Classic pier fishing from Middelfart Harbour

Classic pier fishing spot if you are looking to catch garfish or mackerel. Possible to catch cod, viviparous eelpout and flatfish too. Very deep water. Often many anglers. Keep your distance from other anglers and in particular people who are not fishing. Respect the "No fishing" signs.

gals klint-den gamle lillebæltsbro

107a. Gals Klint – The Old Lillebælt Bridge

Good fishing spot from Gals Klint to the Old Lillebælt Bridge

From Gals Klint to the Old Lillebælt Bridge, there is very deep water with strong currents close to the shore. Possible to catch sea trout in the summer months – as well as cod, viviparous eelpout and flatfish. Garfish in May.

Gals klint fiskeplads

107. Gals Klint

Deep fishing spot with strong currents at Gals Klint

Yet another spot with deep water and strong currents. Ideal for summer fishing, although large sea trout are caught at Gals Klint all year round. This is one of only a handful of spots on Funen, where coastal fisherman can fish from land and reach large sea trout, which swim alongside shoals of herring in Lillebælt. Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod and mackerel. Flatfish in several places.

106. Fænøsund

Good, accessible fishing spot

An unusual fishing spot, where you can fish directly into very deep water with strong currents between Funen and Fænø. A good, accessible spot for summer fishing. Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod. Make sure that you do not fish too close to the eel traps. There are often many close to the coast at the little ferry dock.


105. Svinø

Good tidal flats fishing at Svinø.

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Fønsskov Odde

104. Fønsskov Odde

Perfect summer angling at Fønsskov Odde.

Very few anglers here. A very deep stretch of water with powerful currents around the point, where there is a long reef. Great summer fishing spot but excellent angling in late spring too. Possible to catch cod in the deep water. Possible to catch flatfish in spots with gravel seabed.


103. Føns

Føns fishing spot

The southern flank of Føns is a very long stretch with plenty of sea trout. The area is difficult to get to, so you will not find too many anglers here. If you do not mind a good long walk, there is sea trout fishing here that could almost be described as "virgin territory". Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod. Possible to catch flatfish at several spots.


102. Ålehovedet

Catch large sea trout at Ålehoved.

The north and south sides of Ålehoved are well worth a visit. There is a long walk due to the lack of a car park on the point itself. Tidal flats fishing on the long sides. The water off the point is deep. Angling from land. Possible to catch large sea trout. Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod off the point. Flatfish in several spots – especially from a dinghy.

Wedellsborg Hoved

100. Wedellsborg Hoved

A good fishing spot at Wedellsborg on the western side of Funen.

Several local sea trout fishermen will only fish for sea trout at Wedellsborg, and they catch many sea trout every year. Wedellsborg Hoved is a worthwhile spot to choose all year round. Fishing from the north, south or western side, depending on wind direction. Only very strong westerly winds make fishing impossible. Garfish in May. Possible to catch cod.

Trelde næs fiskeplads

24. Trelde Klint

Many fine fishing spots at Trelde Klint

March-May and September-November. Many fine fishing spots. From time to time many small fish in the spring. Garfish in season.

Car park: Trelde Næs car park.
GPS: 55.62337, 9.84547