From time to time, Lillebælt offers excellent fishing for flounder, plaice and dab. You can catch flatfish using seabed tackle and sand worms or rag worms. You can buy sand worms and rag worms at several local angling shops. Depending on the current and water depth, you will need a 30-60 gramme weight on the seabed tackle. Flatfish are prevalent on sand or gravel beds. Replace the worm or fish fillet at regular intervals. Bait has to be fresh.


Cod is often caught by coastal fishermen angling for sea trout, especially at "the golden hour", just before sunset. When you fish from the shore, the cod caught is typically small. If you want to bag a larger fish, it's a good idea to take an excursion boat or sail a dinghy out into Lillebælt.



Mackerel enter Lillebælt in the period from July to September. It's best to fish from a boat or at a deep water harbour, e.g. Middelfart or Fredericia. You can catch mackerel from land if you concentrate on finding coasts where there is deep water very close to the shore. The mackerel is a very strong fighter. Pound for pound, it is probably the strongest salt water fish in Northern waters. Most mackerel weigh 0.3-0.8 kg, although there are some larger fish.

Naturen ved lillebælt

Nature at Lillebælt

The natural surroundings at Lillebælt are generally robust and most locations can withstand the burden of being used. There are some legal restrictions and regulations you must observe when you move around the natural environment and when you are fishing. You are responsible at all times for ensuring that you know how to deal with the natural environment and how to fish correctly.

Fiskeri fra båd ved den gamle lillebæltsbro

Sea fishing

Sea fishing in Lillebælt has improved in recent years. In addition to cod and flatfish (which have always been here), stocks and the number of different species have now increased. There is more mackerel now than in the past many decades. Pollack have returned in numbers not seen in years. You can fish them from your own boat or take an excursion boat. There are excursions from several harbours in the area. Fishing trips range from four hours to a full day.

Dinghy Fishing

The coastal fisherman extends his tidal flats fishing repertoire when he gets a dinghy. When you sail out, you can get to places where the big fish jump. For dinghy fishing you can use regular coastal fishing tackle, spin or fly fishing tackle. Most types of sea fishing can be practised from a dinghy because you can always find a spot in the belt that is sheltered from the wind.

Trollingfiskeri i lillebælt


Trolling is where you sail out in a small boat or dinghy and tow lures and wobblers behind the craft. Using downriggers (leads, clips and special clamps), you can fish at a specific depth with one rod and at another depth using another rod. To make best use of your time, you need sonar and nautical charts.

01. Hejlsminde Bay

Springtime fishing spot

Good fishing in the spring and winter months as freshwater flows from Hejls Nor. NB: note preservation area.
Many flatfish, especially from a dinghy. Viviparous Eelpout.

Car park: At the lock in the preservation area.
GPS: 55.36163, 9.59991

Map of fishing spots

The maps shows fishing spots with a number. For spots on the Funen side, we use the same numbers as on the Havørred Fyn (Seatrout Fyn) website.

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Car parks

Car parks in Fredericia
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Taxi services

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By air

Billund Airport

There are bus services between Billund Airport and Kolding. The journey takes about 1 hour.

Copenhagen Airport

There are rail services between Copenhagen Airport and Kolding, Fredericia and Middelfart. The journey takes about 2-2½ hours.