Car hire

There are several car hire companies in the Lillebælt area.

Billund Airport and Copenhagen Airport cooperate with a number of car hire companies.

Car hire in Middelfart
Autoforum Middelfart


Bus services

There are good bus services in the Lillebælt area. Please note that there are two bus companies operating in the area.
If you are in Middelfart, the bus company to use is Fynbus, whereas the Sydtrafik bus company operates in Fredericia and Kolding.

Bus company websites:


Cykler ved vandet

Cycles for hire close to Lillebælt

You can hire bicycles at many different places in the Lillebælt area. Here is a list of suppliers who are on hand to help you and other visiting cycling enthusiasts.

Spend a weekend at an inn that is literally fit for a king

Stay in Denmark's Historic Inns

Looking for a weekend away in a unique and intimate setting? Then try a few nights in one of Denmark's historic country inns (kroer). Denmark has over 100 inns with a royal privilege; a special distinction going back more than 700 years. In 1286, King Erik Klipping was weary of looking for lodgings when he travelled Denmark. By royal decree, he ordered that inns with food and lodgings fit for a king be established every mile around Denmark.

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Diving spots in Lillebælt

There is a list of the diving spots in Lillebælt on the Funen side of the straits. The Lillebælt Wall stretches from Søbadet to an area close to the Old Lillebælt Bridge and on to Kongebrogaarden Hotel. There is wall diving down to 40 metres.

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