Experience Denmark's wild side on the dramatic island of Bornholm

Explore Denmark's Baltic Gem

Experience Denmark's wild side on the dramatic island of Bornholm


Visit Bornholm, Denmark's slow-paced Baltic island. Bornholm receives many hours of sunshine and the extraordinary, pure light has always attracted artists to the island. Bornholm presents the Danish landscape in a nutshell; it is hilly and fertile with fields and large forests. It's the only place in Denmark where you can walk out on craggy, granite coastline. As well as pure, white beaches, like Dueodde, you can enjoy a unique island culture of round churches, historic smoke houses and quaint fishing villages when you visit Bornholm.


A unique destination

Visit Bornholm, a truly special island with a unique culture and history. Here you'll see the famous round churches, both fortress and place of worship, and the island's many smoke houses, where you can sample regional delicacies.

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Island culture

Bornholm's isolated location has preserved a fascinating history. Here, you can see ancient carvings in rocks around the island, visit the round church fortresses and sample cuisine unique to Bornholm.

Natural Bornholm

Bornholm is a perfect island to cycle round, with cycle routes across the whole island. There are also beautiful walks to explore, around the craggy coast and inland and opportunities to enjoy the island from the water.

Bornholm's Cliffs

Natural experiences

From the rugged North Coast to the endless white sands of the South, Bornholm is an island of contrasts.