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Natural experiences in Bornholm

The island of Bornholm has uniquely contrasting landscapes. Head North for rugged coastal rock formations and South for endless stretches of white sand. Everywhere you'll find cycle and hiking routes and great sights.

The rugged North

The northern part of Bornholm is particularly dramatic, with cliffs and rocks lining the coast. Just 5km north of the pretty seaside village of Gudhjem, rise the 22 metre high granite Sanctuary Cliffs (Helligdomsklipperne). Between Hammerknuden crag and the town of Hasle, you’ll find the unique rock features of the Lion’s Head and Jon’s Chapel (Jons Kapel).

Rock formations

Hammerknuden is Bornholm's northernmost point and it consists of one giant rock formation which rises vertically from the sea. The formidable castle ruin Hammershus is located at the top, and to the south is Bornholm's largest lake, Hammersø Lake. Granite was extracted from the Hammer until the 1970s and today, the quarries have been converted to nature areas, with the idyllic Opal and Crystal Lakes at the centre. 

Open caves

Along the coast and in the middle of the island, you can walk through large and small valleys and open caves, called Ovens (Ovns), which are popular amongst sightseers. 

Inland beauty-spots

Almindingen Forest in Bornholm’s interior is Denmark's third largest forest. Here, you will find the largest fault valley on the island, Echo Valley (Ekkodalen), and the island's highest point, Rytterknægten. The Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne) are a unique natural area, where you can walk in high heather moorland, forests and valleys in undulating, rocky terrain. 

Endless white sands

Dueodde Beach is located on the southern tip of Bornholm and is the largest sandy beach on the island. The sand is so fine that it was once used to fill hourglasses. There are also many smaller beaches on Bornholm, from which you can swim. 

Ertholmene Islands

Ertholmene is a small group of islands situated 18 km north-east of Bornholm. The main islands are Christiansø and Frederiksø. The nature is rough and beautiful and everything on the islands is protected; the fortress buildings from the 17th century, nature, and the many birds living on the rocks. The islands are a nice day trip by boat from Svaneke or Gudhjem, and take an hour to reach.

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Baltic Gem: Bornholm Island

Explore the unique culture and landscape of Bornholm, Denmark's Baltic island dotted with fortress churches, seaside towns and dramatic nature.