Why attend MINDevent

Experience new ways of creating MINDblowing meetings! 

MINDevent aims at providing you with cutting-edge thinking in the way meetings and events are designed. The event combines education with entertainment, site inspections and amazing MINDsessions, international networking and knowledge sharing – the Danish way.

In Denmark we follow and create the newest trends in business meetings and we are keen to share our knowledge and exciting hotels and venues with you. Over the three days we will explore Copenhagen as a meeting destination through the concept of Meetovation. This means that you will not only get to see the best that Copenhagen has to offer, but you get to experience it, see, taste, feel, participate and influence your own experience.

So join us at MINDevent where you will meet meeting planners from around the world and gain unique insight into cutting-edge thinking in the way meetings and events are developed.

During MINDevent you will:

- Get a taste of Copenhagen and Denmark – a frontrunner in creating and implementing innovative meeting design concept – and experience the livable city center of Copenhagen.

- Spend time with other talented meeting planners from around the world.

- Combine education with entertainment and site inspections and join us at amazing sessions, international networking and knowledge sharing.

- Get a first hand experience of the Danish meeting design concept, Meetovation.

- You are guaranteed to return from Denmark with loads of new ideas, tool and friends!

See the preliminary programme from 2014

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