Tivoli Gardens: Let loose at Copenhagen's famous fairground!

Tivoli is more than just a fairground. It’s a cultural wonderland and historical gem right at the heart of Copenhagen. So buckle up and prepare for a unique mix of big thrills and traditional Danish culture at Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli is the world’s most-visited seasonal theme park

Get ready for a truly unique experience! Tivoli has been thrilling visitors since it opened its gates in Copenhagen in 1843. It's the second-oldest theme park in the world and the world’s most-visited seasonal theme park. Its delightful mix of rides, attractions, performances and culture make it a treat for adults and children alike.

Live your very own Tivoli fairy tale

Stepping through its arch, you step into a world of fairy tales, exotic lands and thrilling rides. You can sense that generations have walked its maze of things to see and do, including Hans Christian Andersen. For the brave, Tivoli contains one of the world’s highest chain carousels and a number of exhilarating rollercoasters. 

Romance in Tivoli

At night, Tivoli takes on a whole different aura. Thousands of lights and lamps hang from the trees, restaurants and cafés stay open so you can enjoy a coffee or dessert in the Scandinavian twilight. Tivoli is a truly romantic setting, right in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Tivoli with kids

Children adore Tivoli. The park leaves a lasting impression and is packed with things to do with the family at any time of the day. Take your kids to see The Tivoli Boys’ Guard, a famous Danish tradition and children's version of the Queen's Royal Guards. Their marching and music displays are great things to witness with your children. There are concerts and performances throughout the season and unforgettable fireworks displays at the weekend.

Christmas and Halloween in Tivoli

Tivoli is at its most atmospheric when it opens specially for Christmas and Halloween. At these times, you can experience extra special performances and firework displays and sample seasonal treats. The Christmas Market is one of the best in Scandinavia and both are unmissable experiences for the whole family. 

Tivoli opening hours and the Tivoli season

Tivoli Copenhagen opens between April and September, with special openings for Halloween and Christmas. Tivoli is now also open for New Year's Eve!

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Where is Tivoli in Copenhagen?



What are the Tivoli opening hours 2016?

Tivoli summer season 2016
6 April - 25 September 

Halloween Festival
14 October - 6 November 

Christmas Festival
19 November - 31 December  

The Tivoli website

Learn more about the famous Tivoli Gardens on their website.

Tivoli's new ride!

Get ready for Fatamorgana, Tivoli's brand new ride which is now open!