The Bridge

The Bridge (Broen)

Hot on the heels of the double hits The Killing and Borgen, comes Broen (The Bridge). It’s dark, it’s deadly, it’s full of Scandinavian knitwear - and it has won awards!

The Bridge: An award-winning hit

When it first aired in 2012, The Bridge (Broen) drew over a million UK viewers and its success has since spread to other countries. The Bridge is a co-production between Denmark and Sweden and it's received much acclaim, resulting in an International TV Dagger at the 2012 Crime Thriller Awards and a Golden Nymph for Best European TV Series in 2014. It also won Serial of the Year at the Prix Europa 2012 festival.

A body on The Bridge

The series starts with the discovery of a body of a young woman exactly halfway along the five-mile Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. In response, a special bi-national police unit is put together, combining detectives from both Sweden and Denmark. There are some stunningly atmospheric scenes on the bridge, which in real life is an imposing outline on Copenhagen's horizon.

A Swedish Sarah Lund? 

Heading up this unusual team are Kim Bodnia, a popular Danish actor who's been around a while, and Sofia Helin, who many have called a Swedish Sarah Lund. The series is faster-paced than The Killing and draws humour from the subtle difference between Danes and Swedes, so it's a great one to watch to get to know more about Scandinavian culture.

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