Dress like Sarah Lund!

The Faroese sweater from Danish TV drama The Killing
Got to have Sarah Lund’s sweater? But which one? From the black and white Faroese jumper that made her famous to her later red numbers, Sarah Lund has showcased Danish fashion across the world. Here's how you can dress like Sarah Lund...

Helena Christensen's favourite

Fans would kill to get hold of Sarah Lund’s Faroe Island sweater, but luckily you don’t have to. You can buy the favourite of supermodel Helena Christensen from Faroese design duo Gudrun & Gudrun’s website. The jumper has become their bestselling item ever. Even Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall now owns one!

Knit your own!

In season two of The Killing, Sarah Lund sported a new sweater. This dark red number mirrored the programme's dark atmosphere perfectly. For those with nimble fingers, you can knit this jumper yourself, thanks to this knitting pattern from The Radio Times.

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