noma Copenhagen
noma Copenhagen

Michelin-starred restaurants

Denmark is Scandinavia's gourmet food powerhouse with a total of 26 Michelin stars and 22 star-studded restaurants to choose from! For the past decade, Copenhagen has blazed its own trail as one of the world's great gastronomic hotspots, but Denmark's second city Aarhus has earned accolades as well. For a different kind of gourmet experience, head to the country inns that draw on the freshest local produce and have their own take on New Nordic Cuisine. Congratulations to the following restaurants, which have been awarded one to three Michelin stars in the Michelin Nordic Guide 2016. 

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noma Rene Redzepi

noma - Four-time World's Best Restaurant!

Superchef René Redzepi runs the exceptional Nordic kitchen at noma in Copenhagen. Adorned with two Michelin stars, noma held the title of World's Best Restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014!