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10 reasons why you should visit Denmark

Why Denmark? Forget the why and go straight to when. The Danes are modest and understated by nature (forgive our generalisations). But if there is one thing we are proud of, it is our country. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Feel-good cities

Copenhagen has several times been voted the most liveable city in the world. When you add the happiness index, which time and time again scores the Danes to be the happiest people in the world, you get an idea of the vibe in our cities. Relaxed, friendly, secure – happiness really is contagious. Oh and did we mention the Little Mermaid?

2. Fall in love with the food

Everywhere from market stalls to world-class restaurants, the healthy appetite for local products, fresh produce and authentic cooking surrounds you. Forget all about chain restaurants and go for a destination that has put the buzz in New Nordic Cuisine.

3. Everything comes with a side order of culture

Art museums, zoos, aquariums, film screenings, concerts, festivals and world famous amusement parks such as Legoland and Tivoli – you will never be bored. Families, movie buffs, fashionistas and all of the above will find numerous ways to enjoy Denmark and all it has to offer.

4. Beaches beyond belief

But wait, Denmark is way up north. How can it be a beach destination? Your beliefs will change once you’ve seen the white, sandy beaches of the West Coast or the cool scene at the Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen. Even on a winter’s day, the landscape is mind-blowing.

5. Living history

Fortresses, castles, UNESCO Heritage sites, Viking villages and historical towns are nothing unique in Denmark. It’s what we live and breathe. It’s our homes, workplaces and daily scenery. And of course a vivid reminder of the history of our ancestors.

6. Danish design DNA

Need we say more? Shopping, design museums and the fashion scene are as vibrant and dynamic as ever. While celebrating design icons from our past, we keep reinventing design, architecture and fashion. Experience it in shops and museums or just take it in while people gazing in cafés and restaurants.

7. Life – in motion

Denmark is the perfect place to get active. Bikes, kayaks, water sports and hiking; it’s all accessible, easy to plan and fun. In fact, the first thing guests normally notice is the enormous amounts of bikes. Even the royal family transport their children on bikes, when they go to school in the mornings.
We Danes live a lot of our lives outdoors and we like to invite our guests to participate.

8. Aaaaand action!

Danish movies and TV series have put entire populations on the edges of their seats. Gripping family dramas, political intrigue, gritty crime scenes and royal romance – all united by great stories, strong female leads and lots and lots of action. Plan a set-jetting trip for you clients so they can visit their favourite locations and play out the drama with stunning Copenhagen, Aarhus or Funen as great backdrops.

9. Greeen and clean

Imagine a country without smog alarms, where water from the tap tastes better than the bottled kind and where the harbour is so clean that you can swim in it. Take a deep breath of fresh air and jump in with us!

10. Trains, planes and automobiles

Trains on time, beautiful, clean airports and so much available public transport that rush hour in traffic doesn’t even leave us time to make a phone call. It is extremely easy to move around in our big cities, to take a train to the countryside or to just jump on a free city bike and explore. Scheduling and ticket booking for your clients can be done online and travels happen without hiccups, so you won’t get that 4 am phone call from a stranded client.

In the know: Denmark at a glance

Memorable menus, castle accommodation, cultural experiences on every corner and a cool, fashionable vibe. When you add amusement parks, beautiful coastlines and the easy-going, friendly mood, Denmark really has it all. It is all waiting for you in a fairy-tale kingdom with designer furniture right between Germany and Sweden. Too good to be true? Plan a visit for your clients, sit back and wait for the rave reviews.

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