42 Raw

Copenhagen's first raw food bar serves 100% vegan meals

Raw food is not only, as the name suggests, raw food. Preparation is also a part of the food, but is only heated to a maximum of 42 degrees - hence the bar's name. In this way retain maximum food vitamins and enzymes.

At 42Raw you can satisfy your taste buds in a healthy and pleasant way. With dishes free from additives, sugar, gluten and lactose. Instead, the food here is high on vegetables and healthy fats.

Since the opening in 2009, the owner Jesper, has developed the concept to contain much more than just salads, juices and smoothies. For instance, you can easily feel tempted by the delicious cakes, the 100% vegan and gluten free brunch and even enjoy a vegan burger menu with a chilled milkshake made from almond drink.

Besides, the menu counts various salads and of course hot and cold drinks like juices and café lattes which are exceptions to the 42 degrees and made with homemade, organic almond, cashew, or soy drink.

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Pilestræde 32
1112 København K


+45 32 12 32 10


  • Kitchen

    • Vegetarian
  • Pricelevel

    • Main course: < DKK 150
    • Low