Fall in love with Denmark on screen!

Get to know great Danes like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mads Mikkelsen and Lars von Trier, and find out what they love about Denmark. As well as big names on and off screen, Denmark has a rich history of Danish film and Danish TV series, loved by audiences around the world. Visit the home of Karen Blixen, where she wrote Out of Africa. See Denmark’s dark side on The Killing tour of Copenhagen, or explore the locations of hit Nordic TV series, Borgen. Here we’ve gathered guides on the best Danish film and TV locations to visit, tours to take and films that will make you fall in love with Denmark! 

Set-jetting: Danish film and TV locations

Love Danish TV series like Borgen and The Killing? Then why not come to Copenhagen and take a guided tour of the sights from your favourite shows! Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with Mads Mikkelsen and Denmark’s regal history in A Royal Affair? You can also tour the locations of great Danish films like this! 

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau recommends...

Hear what Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau says about his homeland, Denmark!

Nordic Noir: Explore Denmark's dark side

Murders… Rain… Sinister struggles… It’s Nordic Noir! Thanks to a run of massively successful dark Danish dramas, international audiences are getting to know Copenhagen's streets like the back of their hands. From Emmy-nominated series The Killing, featuring Danish actress Sophie Gråbøl and that sweater, to BAFTA-winning Borgen, the world can’t enough of Denmark’s dark side!

The Killing

The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

Sophie Gråbøl and the rest of The Killing's cast have gripped audiences worldwide since The Killing first hit the screen in 2007. Head behind the scenes here.



The BAFTA-winning political drama that's getting rave reviews and an army of viewers across the world. Take a set-jetting tour of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, the setting for Borgen.


More Nordic TV you really must see!

Crime dramas are something of a Danish speciality. Besides The Killing and Borgen, Denmark is also responsible for five other Emmy-winning drama series.

The Bridge

The Bridge (Broen)

The Bridge is (another) award-winning nordic noir drama to win over audiences across the world. A mysterious death on the Øresund bridge is the start of a compelling crime thriller set in Denmark and Sweden.

Get to know our Great Danes

Did you know that Game of Thrones’ dastardly Jamie Lannister is Danish? At least Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is! See what this Great Dane loves about Denmark and meet Denmark’s most famous film directors, including Lars von Trier and Nicolas Winding Refn. 

Behind the scenes

Find out why Denmark punches above its weight when it comes to making powerful films and producing great talent.  

Danish award-winning film director Lars von Trier

Denmark's famous directors

Denmark has produced some big directors and many much-loved films. Get to know Denmark’s famous film directors here and fall in love with Denmark on screen!