Natural adventures

You don’t have far to go to find yourself in rich and varied countryside in Denmark. With an exceptionally long coastline and hundreds of Danish islands waiting to be explored, Denmark is a haven for beach-lovers. The south coast dramatically meets the Baltic Sea with high cliffs and the whole country is criss-crossed by walking and cycling trails. Whether you are looking for peace and tranquillity or the rush of an exhilarating outdoor adventure, Denmark is the place to find it.

Head into the wild

In Denmark, you can experience natural adventures in the wilderness and you can even camp in the wild. Or if a more cultivated nature is your thing, the country is dotted with incredible parks and gardens. Whatever you're into, get into it in Denmark!

Denmark's Natural Wonders

Denmark's Natural Wonders

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Denmark’s unbelievable coastline

There's a beach in Denmark for you!

Thousands of kilometres of white sandy beaches await you in Denmark.

Denmark's natural best

Denmark is rich in unspoilt countryside, easily accessible for day trips or longer tours. From coast and islands to heathland and hills, here are some of Denmark's natural highlights.

Thy National Park

Denmark’s national parks

Venture out and holiday in Denmark's most beautiful and varied landscapes. Denmark's 3 unique national parks include The Wadden Sea, Denmark's newest UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Walking in Denmark

Denmark is criss-crossed by a network of hiking trails which are easy to find and to use. Highlights for hikers include the country's three national parks. Here you'll find help on accessing Denmark's nature on foot.