Alstrup - Vester Elkær

Vester Elkær, Alstrup
Private accomoclation/Vester Elkær
Accomoclation in Vester Elkær - an oasis in Vesthimmerland.
At the end of the church hill in the cosy village Alstrup there is a long hilly gravel road towards the fjord.
Here you find the family farm Vester Elkær which is surrounded by beautiful meaclows and a sandy beach towards the south and a lovely hilly landscape with fields and forrest towards the north.
The main building from 1941 has recently been renovated with accomoclaition in the western half. Here yuo can enjoy a view of the fiord from the rooms and the living rooms.
There are four rooms as well as a shared bathroom on the first floor.
On the ground floor there is a large cammen kitchen with good facilities, a bathroom, and office as well as four smaller living rooms and direct access to the garden.
There is IT access, fax machine, a pinter an a possibility for tv/radis in the rooms.
Room for 9 adults.
In the area yyou have a variety of attractions, biking, museums , galleries and ceramists.
The place is perfect for those who appreciate the tranquility and harmony of the nature and who wishes to be a part of it.

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Anneksvej 20
9640 Farsø


+45 9863 4114


+45 2944 4114


  • City / Area

    • Farsø
    • Himmerland
    • Vesthimmerland
  • General facilities

    • breakfast can be purchased
    • internet
    • recreation room
    • separate entrance
  • Hire

    • bicycles
  • Kitchen and household

    • bed clothes for rental
    • shared bathroom
    • tea kitchen
    • washing machine
  • Room facilities

    • kitchen
    • terrace
    • TV

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.254799
    Latitude : 56.692423

Distance to

  • To shopping possibility

    4 km.
  • To beach

    0.1 km.