Amber safari

Treasure Hunt for Amber

Go hunting for Amber - ”the gold of the North Sea” .


Especially in the stormy periods in autumn, winter and early spring, Fanø is the perfect spot for treasure hunting for Amber. Amber is resin from trees buried in the sand at the bottom of the Sea for hundreds of millions of years. The Amber is washed ashore, mostly after a strong west winds. You will find it among clam shells and seaweed on the beach.  


Together with our guide we will learn to find the spots with the best chances of finding amber. The excursion will begin at Danibo/Fanø Sommerhusudlejning, where there is a small exhibition of Amber found on Fanø. Then we will drive directly to the beach and go amber hunting.


Duration approx. 2 hours.

Price: 100 kr. for adults, 50 kr. for children (4-14 år)

Dress: Wellingtons or waterproff shoes and warm clothes

Meeting point: Danibo/Fanø Sommerhusudlejning, Langelinie 9b, Nordby.


The tour will be completed with minimum 5 participants.


Club Fanø
Kirkevejen 13, Rindby Strand
6720 Fanø
+45 42 41 25 65

Facebook: Club Fanø (@clubfano)


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+45 42412565



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