Are you up for a challenge? And a MINDchallenge at that?

The Denmark MINDchallenge 2013 is ready for kick off!
The Denmark MINDchallenge 2013 is ready for kick off!
Friday, February 22, 2013

VisitDenmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and partners are ready to challenge local Meeting Planners in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway and to get challenged at this year's MINDchallenge 2013! Join us for fun and interactive events and meet relevant Danish hoteliers, destinations and incoming agencies ready to challenge you and getting challenged themselves! Whilst there, you will help set the agenda for the event and will experience yourself how to make the most of organising an event in Denmark, working together with other meeting planners.

Events are held in Stockholm, Chicago, London, Oslo and Germany and all participants will automatically be qualified to participate in the first-ever International Meetovator course in Copenhagen in December 2013. 

The MINDchallenge 2013 dates to pencil in are:

Chicago, US: 2nd April 2013

Stockholm, Sweden: 22nd April 2013

London, UK: 16th May 2013

Olso, Norway: 29th May 2013

Germany, Dusseldorf: 11th June 2013

Germany, München: 13th June 2013

To cover the events and learn more about our MINDblowing meetings destination, the Danes' different(!) approach to learning meetings and not least the unique Danish Meetovation concept, contact your local VisitDenmark's Business Tourism Team - PR Consultant Anne Marie Barsoe at amb@visitde...

NB: Pre-registration is vital for these events and the events as well as the Meetovator course in Denmark is open to bona fide Meeting Planners only.

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To cover the MINDchallenge events and learn more about our MINDblowing meetings destination,

the Danes' different(!) approach to learning meetings 

and not least the unique Danish Meetovation concept,

contact PR Consultant Anne Marie Barsoe at amb@visitde...