Around the Sound

If you would like to make a short trip to Sweden, the Around-the-Sound ticket is definitely worth considering. Departure: Central Station, Nørreport Station, or Østerport Station.

What the ticket covers
The ticket is valid for 2 days and the only limitation is that you are not allowed to change your travelling direction and 'back-track'.

The ticket is valid on the train along the Danish coast to Helsingør, the ferry crossing between Denmark and Sweden at Helsingør/Helsingborg - crossing the Sound only takes 20 mins. Continue by train on the Swedish side to Malmø, Sweden's third largest city. Back to Copenhagen via the new bridge/tunnel connnection. It is possible to hop off the train and visit several places and sights on the way: Louisiana, Rungstedlund, Helsingør, Malmø, and Helsingborg.

Stay the night?
This trip is easily done in a day, but since the ticket is valid for two days, why not spend the night somewhere en route?

Passports and credit cards
Remember to bring a passport with you. Danish currency is widely accepted in Southern Sweden. International credit cards are also widely accepted.


Admission Price
1 person - 199.00 DKK
Children under 16 years
1 person - 100.00 DKK
Children 0-6 years
Free of charge

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