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The piece of art in Ringkøbing “Atlantis” is situated by the harbour. Atlantis is created by the artist Leo Andersen, Galleri 63 in Ringkøbing. Leo has the idea from Plato’s story about the lost land of Atlantis. The work of art consists of 7 steal pillars in different heights containing 84 glass paintings. All pillars are sprinkled with water as if they just arose from the bottom of the sea. Atlantis is a beautiful sight in dusk and at night where they are lit up. It is a present from the Nordea Denmark foundation (2002) related to the development of the new water front.

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Destination Ringkøbing Fjord



havnen 1
6950 Ringkøbing


  • Type

    • Water sculpture

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Longitude : 8.2576329999
Latitude : 56.088054