The Danish Royal Family

The Danish monarchy is a popular institution in Denmark and is one of the oldest in the world. The current monarch, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, can trace her lineage back to the first Viking kings of Denmark over 1000 years ago. Denmark is a wonderful place to experience royal traditions, monuments, palaces and celebrations.

Denmark: The world’s oldest monarchy

The Viking rune stones at Jelling, a World Heritage Site, are inscribed by Harald Bluetooth, the first king of a united Denmark around 1000 years ago. HM The Queen of Denmark is descended from him and Denmark is filled with a rich array of royal monuments, buildings and treasures spanning a thousand years. From castles and fortresses, to royal art collections and the Crown Jewels, you can experience royal Denmark at many sites across the country.

Denmark's royal family today

Denmark’s royal family retains its popularity today due to its ability to adapt to the modern world. Members of the family engage in many diplomatic and charity events and are important ambassadors for the country. The Queen and her husband, HRH Prince Henrik, have two children, HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Prince Joachim, each with children of their own and so the line is set to continue far into the future.

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their children

The next generation of Danish royalty is growing up fast. HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary have four children and the eldest, HRH Prince Christian, is second in line to the Danish throne. Princess Mary of Denmark is originally from Tasmania and is known as a style icon. HRH Crown Prince Frederik is a very popular figure in Denmark and has been voted Dane of the Year in Danish opinion polls more than once.

Be part of Denmark's royal celebrations

Queen Margrethe celebrated 40 years on the throne with pomp and celebration in January 2012. On special occasions such as these, the Crown Pair traditionally take a carriage tour from their home, Amalienborg Palace, through Copenhagen. The whole family also gathers on special occasions to wave to the public from the palace balcony. Visit the Monarchy website to find out when the next regal celebrations will be happening for a taste of your own royal Danish traditions.

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog

Since the 1930s, the impressive Royal Yacht Dannebrog has served as official and private residence of various members of the Danish Royal Family during state visits abroad and summer tours of Denmark. The yacht is named after the Danish flag and is still fantastically ship-shape, despite its 75 years of age!

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Danish Royal Family Fact

Denmark's Royal Family is the oldest in the world. Queen Margrethe can trace her lineage back over 1000 years!