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World Heritage Sites Denmark
World Heritage Sites Denmark

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark

You can enjoy seven stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark. For a whirlwind tour of Denmark's sites, start at Kronborg Castle, the home of Shakespeare's Hamlet, only an hour north of Copenhagen. From here, you can bike to one of the list's new additions, the well-preserved par force hunting grounds, which appear in much the same form as when Denmark's King Christian V galloped along them in the late 17th century. Next on the list: Stevns Klint, one of Denmark's newest World Heritage Sites but 65 million years old! Stop in to see the last resting place of Denmark's Monarchy at Roskilde Cathedral before visiting the historic rune stones of Jelling and the other new addition to the list, the Moravian community of Christiansfeld in Jutland. Finish your trip relaxing at the Wadden Sea National Park!

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