Audi Challenge Aarhus Half Marathon

Audi Challenge Aarhus Half Marathon
The Audi Challenge Aarhus Half Marathon takes places in the central part of Aarhus. Marathons in Denmark are quite popular and both travelers and locals love to challenge each other, but most of all themselves. 
Now you have the chance to experience Aarhus wearing your best running shoes. You can sign up for the Aarhus Marathon when you arrive at the starting places.

Start and finish
Viby Idrætspark - Skanderborgvej 224, 8260 Viby

Opening hours
04/09/2016 - 04/09/2016 Sunday 11:00

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Nordbyvej 1
8260 Viby J


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    Longitude : 10.159593
    Latitude : 56.127766

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