Barsbøl Hiking Route by the lakes of Jels

The 3.5 km Barsbøl Hiking Route is signposted with blue markings and runs through the forest of Barsbøl Skov south of the lake of Jels Midtsø. On the trip, you past a funny three-forked oak tree, the meadows of Barsbøl Eng and the lakes of Jels. Nightingales nest in the willow thicket by the meadows of Barsbøl Eng as well as the lake of Jels Oversø. Their song can be heard throughout the day during the summer. Barsbøl Eng features a number of animal and plant species that are rare in Denmark, including the featherleg damselfly.

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Barsbøl Turen
6630 Rødding


  • Type

    • Forest

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.2351619999
    Latitude : 55.377589

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