Best practice: Annual General Meeting in the Section for private social workers

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Energy that stays

After last year's meeting, the board of the Section for private social workers agreed that there was a need for renewal. The Annual General Meeting had been unvaryingly dull and the Board felt that this was not a proper reflection of who they were. Consequently, they contacted the Meetovation expert Bo Krüger.

- It was important for us to create high energy and dynamics throughout the meeting and Bo Krüger had a variety of tools, says Ellen Hansen.

The Section for private social workers has previously used talented pep talkers to inspire and create energy at Annual General Meetings, but saw that the energy among the participants dwindled again immediately after the words of the pep talkers.

- Bo Krüger advised us to change the entire meeting format and involve the participants from the very beginning of the meeting. And it worked. The atmosphere was vibrant and the energy was high throughout the meeting, said Ellen Hansen.

Return on investment

The Section for private social workers has previously experienced that it has been difficult to get people to run for the different positions of the Board. However, after this year's Annual General Meeting, the situation was quite different. There were competitive elections.

- After the meeting I spoke with a participant who participated for the first time in the Section’s events. The energy and creativity at the Annual General Meeting had inspired her and given her an appetite for more, and so she also ran for a position on the Board. I think this clearly illustrates how small changes in a meeting format can create results, says Bo Krüger, the initiator and decision maker behind using the Meetovation elements at the meeting.

Here is a selection of the Meetovation tools that were used during the meeting:

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About the meeting

• Annual General Meeting of the Section for private social workers

• Responsible for the meeting: Ellen Hansen, Chairman of the Section for private social workers

• When: March 2012

• Participants: 25 people

• Duration: 1.5 hours

• Where: The Danish venue Admiral Gedes Gård

• Facilitator and creator of the meeting: Bo Krüger, Moving Minds