Bicycle Innovation Lab

Bicycle Innovation Lab is located on Amager in Copenhagen and is ideal for the bicycle enthusiast. Here you can borrow bikes from the bicycle library or take a guided bike tour of Copenhagen's bicycle culture and history.

Bicycle Innovation Lab is an association which primarily operates a bicycle library and knowledge center. In order to borrow bikes, you must be a member of the association, which costs DKK 300 a year for individuals.

The bicycle library is located in two black containers between Prismen on Holmbladsgade street and Prags Boulevard. Here you can explore the world of bicycles and open your mind to new bike designs, or borrow the bike you have always dreamed of.

Once you are a member, you can check availability for bicycles three weeks ahead and book. When you borrow a bike, you pay a refundable deposit of DKK 500, if you have a Danish address and social security card. If you do not have this, the deposit is DKK 1,000. The deposit must be paid in cash.

You can pick up your bike Thursdays between 17:00-18:00 and return it the following Thursday between 16:00-17:00. This means you have the bike for an entire week. You can borrow both unconventional bikes, cargo bikes as well as regular bikes.

Guided bike tours of Copenhagen's bike culture

Bicycle Innovation Lab also organises unconventional guided bike tours about the bicycle infrastructure and bike culture that is so characteristic for a bike city like Copenhagen. Tours are generally two hours long and can be adjusted as desired. Both small and large groups are welcome.

Highlights of the tour include an introduction to bike city Copenhagen, its bike culture and infrastructure, bicycle parking, bike bridges, bike paths and innovative bike projects.

If you are interested in a guided tour, please contact the Bicycle Innovation Lab by email. Read more on their website.

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Prismen (entrance by Prags Boulevard), Holmbladsgade 71
2300 København S


+45 4265 4004

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