Bike Riding: Mariager - Randers


Both route 18 and 26, between Randers and Mariager, runs by both places of historical significance and beautiful nature. 


If you wish to take route 18 you will encounter Bjerregrav Mose (Bjerregrav Bog). Here you will also be able to divert from the route in order to visit Fårup where you will find cozy hiking trails and beautiful places to enjoy your lunch. From Fårup you will ride past Glenstrup Sø (Glenstrup Lake) and reach Mariager which is known for its timbered houses and paved streets and definetly worth a visit.


Route 26 runs east of Randers towards mariager, and is a particular interesting route for people with a heart for history. The route passes through the city of Spendtrup where famous author Steen Steensen Blicher's home and grave is. The route also runs by Allestrupgård Plantage (Allestrupgård Plantation) which was used by the British during the Second World War as a dropzone for various supplies. This became the starting point for the resistance group known as "Hvidstengruppen" which evidently also became the title of the movie which was shot in the area. The town of Hvidsten and Hvidsten Kro (Hvidsten Inn) is also recommendable. If you venture further on Route 26 you will encounter both jernaldergraven (ancient grave from the iron age) by Hem and Bronzealdergraven (ancient grave from the bronze age) by Hohøj.

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