Bird watch - Dystrup og Ramten Sø - Djursland - Eastjutland

The Dystrup-Ramten Lakes and Huldremosen
The 2 lakes date from the Ice Age and were former coherent. Now they are connected by a channel.Between the lakes you find peat banks and moors. 
Dystrup LakeIs about 26 hectares with a medium depth of 1 metre. It is a very important locality for a great number of birds. 
Ramten Lake About 29 hectares with a medium depth of 1,2 metres. Due to former pollution a lake-restorationproject has been carried out here. 
HuldremoseIs a small, partly overgrown moor, surrounded by willow and red alder. You find the lakes and the moor at the village Ramten on mainroad 16 between Grenaa and Randers.


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Destination Djursland



Dystrup Sø
8586 Ørum Djurs


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    • Djursland
    • Norddjurs
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    Longitude : 10.628242
    Latitude : 56.44978