Birgit Andersen Stentøj Løgstør

Birgit A. who is that?

Oh, that is the artist that makes onion cupolas. That has been the reply ever since Birgit presented her work at the Artists’ Square in Løgstør for the first time.

For two summers one of the small lantern houses at the harbour was where Birgit showed her works to tourists and locals. But, in the fall of 2011 she changed her permanent address to Fjordgade 48, where she has established a small workshop.

The cupolas are made out of clay and can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Birgit’s inspiration for the cupolas (and other ceramic works) comes from travels around the world. 

During the summer you can still find Birgit in one of the small lantern houses and everybody is welcome to stop by both here and at the workshop in Fjordgade 48. 

Opening hours: Please call Birgit at +45 23 96 51 30


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Fjordgade 48 st. tv.
9670 Løgstør


+45 2396 5130


  • Art form

    • Industrial design
    • Pottery



Longitude : 9.2510497
Latitude : 56.9689403