Bistro59 is an intimate restaurant, where atmosphere and ingredients are of equal importance. The menu is relatively simple, making room for the chef's flavour of the day and season.

French cuisine at Bistro59
Bistro59 offers authentic, simple and very tasty French cuisine, which is made from proud traditions and served in cosy and casual surroundings.

Aalborg as lovely as Paris
The small bistro is located close to the vegetable market in Aalborg at Ågade, and the owners have succeeded in giving the place genuine French touch, making Aalborg as lovely as Paris. You immediately sense that this bistro is a dream coming true for the owners, who run the place with heart and soul. Everywhere there is paid attention to detail - both in decor and menu, and you get the feel of being at an original French bistro - without it being too much.

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Christiansgade 59
9000 Aalborg


+45 4110 9944


  • Kitchen

    • French
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Longitude : 9.9207796
Latitude : 57.0441209