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- Askeladen 500
- Asteria 540
- Ocean Tiburon 120
- Ocean 550
- Ryds 535
- Limbo 550

Boat rental

For fishing trips
Water skiing


If you enjoy angling. Fænøsund , Gamborg Fjord or Lillebælt can clearly be recommended.
Lillebælt at Middelfart has some of the best spots in Northern Europe for diving. There are unique experiences when you go below the surface. There are also several kinds of dives – wall diving, photo diving or hunting below the surface.
Water skiing
If the day is spent with family or friends on the water, you can also use boats to go water skiing.
Middelfart Cruise
Take a relaxing cruise on the beautiful Fænøsund around the Hindsgavl peninsula in the beautiful Lillebælt. , you can all the way around, from the seaside, enjoy the sight of Hindsgavl peninsula with its hilly terrain and beautiful forest reflected in the water. During the voyage, beautiful Hindsgavl Slot appears - it is well worth the trip.

Vestfyns Marine Center
Vestfyns Marine Center mainly focusses on
• Sales of boats (new and used)
• Hire of boats
• Spare parts, service and repair of boats and motors
Additionally, a boat exhibition is also on offer, where you can come and be inspired.

Vestfyns Marine Center imports the well-known Sessa boats from Italy, and is dealer of Yamaha engines.

It is Rigmor and Hans Christian Nielsen, who is behind Vestfyns Marine Center, and Middelfart Auto Parts , which also is a part of the company.

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