Boldrup Museum and Naturschool

The Boldrup Museum is a small holding from the year 1900.
The physical settings are narrow, but with a well-run farm it was possible to provide for an entire family.

The house of the small holding, the workshop, stables etc. are organized as they could have been one-hundred years ago.

As is the farming, the vegetable garden and the ornamental garden with their Old Danish plant sorts and animal species: goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, geese, hens, pigeons and bees.

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Ørnbjergvej 13
9610 Nørager


+45 99824170


  • Activities

    • farm work
  • City / Area

    • Hobro
    • Mariagerfjord
    • Nørager
    • Rebild
    • Skørping
    • Støvring
  • Discounts

    • number of persons for group pricing (15)
  • Museums, Galleries and crafts

    • active sharing
    • collection
    • daily life
    • local history
    • museum
    • nature center
    • visitor Center
  • Special

    • packed lunch allowed

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.6316409999
    Latitude : 56.679430999