Bregnør Hage

The reef here is very deep-rooted and often a hard reef to fish at about 1 kilometre west from Bregnør harbour. See trout’s can be caught all year. Waterproof hip/chest boots are necessary. Parking should take place at Bregnør Harbour.

Driving directions:

By freeway E20 (Nyborg-Odense). Drive of at Frakørsel 46 at Nyborg, and drive towards Kerteminde. Continue at road 165 to Kerteminde and from the to Munkebo. In Munkebo drive north towards Mesinge. Turn left towards Bregnør Fiskeleje. From there go west about 1 kilometre along the shore.

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Bregnør Fiskeleje
5300 Kerteminde


+45 65321121

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.58054
    Latitude : 55.482539

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