Bronzebuste af H. Nathansen

Bronze bust by Isenstein, Harald: Henri Nathansen, 1943 Hjørring
Bronze bust of author and playwright Henri Nathansen, born in  Hjørring in 1868. Sculptured by Harald Isenstein (1898-1980)

Bust was erected to commemorate 100th aniversary of the authors birth.

Author and Playwright  Henri Nathansen (1868-1944). His best known play, ”Inden for murene”("Inside the walls") from 1912, is known as a masterpiece in for Danish drama. The play portrays Nathansen's youth growing up in a jewish family  and reflects the problems of trying to maintain the jewish traditions whilst at the same time respecting the christian society.

Harald Isenstein's bust  is based on a portrait this thoughtful and sociable author.

Harald Isenstein originally struck the bust in Plaster of Paris in 1943, one year prior to Henri Nathansen's death. 

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