Bus ticket

A fun exercise that in a surprising way creates dynamics and physical contact.




  1. Laugh together. 
  2. Physical contact.


Approximately 5 minutes

Group size

Best suited for group size 8-100


  1. Stand in a circle. 
  2. Explain that all have to catch their bus, which is directly on the other side of the circle. To get to the bus, all participants must go through the same point in the middle of the circle (show where). 
  3. Once you have counted to three, all rush as fast as they can through the point in the middle and over to their bus on the other side of the circle (all bump into each other on the road and laugh).


  1. All innovative processes are about moving from order through chaos to a new order at a higher level. In this way the exercise is a metaphor for innovation or creative workshop, you may need to facilitate. We are moving from order (circle) through the chaos (lump in the middle) to a new order (a new circle). 
  2. Ask your participants how they feel about chaos.


  1. Start perhaps with telling a story about how difficult it is for you to catch your daily bus. 
  2. Ask participants to keep a fictitious bus ticket in one hand and a fictional case in the other hand or other props that are relevant when they come to the bus. 
  3. Consider making the same exercise later in several variants. Say for example. That participants must cross the circle very politely as in London, where people give each other space and facilitates the bowler hat and greet each other, or in slow motion as an action film (participants crossing the circle in slow motion, but in a huge brawl – with boxing, torn noses, karate blows, etc.).

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