It's in the Danish DNA. Get active and head outdoors!

Active at Heart

It's in the Danish DNA. Get active and head outdoors!

Get Active at Heart in Denmark


It's not only part of the Danish meeting design concept, Meetovation, to get active at meetings. It's part of the Danish DNA. Getting up from your chair, interacting, laughing together, experiencing. These things are taught to Danes from a very early age, and they have become an essential part of getting more energy into meetings - not matter their size. 

Do energizers and active sessions inside or take them outside. Denmark's mild climate and many outside activities makes it especially easy to get active. 

From city parks and waterfronts to countryside hills and heathland, endless coasts and over 400 islands, Danish nature is easily accessible for active and unconventional activities - before, during and after your meeting.

Give participants an experience they'll remember and boost their energy levels by getting active - the Danish way.

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