Café Limfjorden

Café Limfjorden - or Limpotten (danish), as it is known, was for decades one of the city's most popular bars. The restaurant has moved and now welcomes you at the corner of Ved Stranden and Østerågade.

The café's location on the other side of the street, Østerågade 18 (now Steak and Wine), can be traced back to before 1900. The Danishness and the quality are still in focus but offered in the new, cozy and informal settings.

Danish food is in the center!
At Café Limfjorden traditional Danish food is served for lunch and dinner. It is therefore possible to enter and taste the delicious Danish classics such. omelettes, stegt flæsk (fried pork), stjerneskud (shooting star) or classic Danish smørrebrød.

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Ved Stranden 1/ Østerågade 27
9000 Aalborg


+45 98 12 42 52

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    Longitude : 9.9222042999
    Latitude : 57.0498936

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