Café meetings

Purpose: • To get into more detail on a topic and get it tested in different group constellations. • That the participants meet each other. • That as many as possible get their voices heard.


When the participants need to talk about things other than the plenary discussions.


Participants walk around to 2-4 tables and discuss various topics with different participants. A topic is placed at each table and a participant is elected to stay at the table throughout the exercise to take notes and pass on key take aways from each session. The rest of the meeting's participants are divided between the 2-4 tables for 8-10 minute talks about the topic. After each session, the participants move on to a different table and different topic. When everyone has visited all the tables, the elected participants at the tables present the main conclusions made throughout the exercise. 

Why involve your meeting participants

Active involvement makes meetings more valuable because:

  1. It helps you make better decisions
  2. It increases networking and knowledge sharing
  3. It engages and motivates the participants

More info about this excercise

Nina Tange, Learning Lab Denmark,

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