Catch their attention and then relax

An exercise performed in a circle that allows everyone to move. The exercise is inspired by Gerlev park and play, and coined by a high school teacher that participated at a Moving Minds course in innovative education.


- Physical activity 
- Positive energy 
- Laughter 

Points of learning: 

- With a twinkle in each person’s eyes, we can create a good atmosphere. 


About 5-10 minutes. 

Best suited for group size:



First phase: 
• Ask participants to stand in a circle. 
• Ask participants to make eye contact and wink at each other. 
Second phase: 
• When two people make eye contact and smile at each other, they switch places. 
Third phase: 
• A person standing in the middle of the circle and is given the task of catching the others when they cross the circle. 
• When the person in the middle captures one of the people crossing they switch places, so that the person who was caught goes and stands in the middle. 


• If necessary, make more people stand in the middle.

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