The Church in Oester Hassing

Built in 1880 and designed by the architect Gnutzmann, who also designed Vor Frue Kirke in Aalborg, the church in Oester Hassing is built of red smooth wire cut bricks and has 200 seats.

The altarpiece is a copy of C. Bloch’s painting and depicts the walk to Emmaus. The pulpit dates back to around 1600 and was formerly displayed in the old church in Oester Hassing.

The old church dated back to around 1300, but it fell into decay and was consequently torn town.

The Romanesque baptismal font is made of granite. The organ is constructed by Bruno Christensen Organ Company and has 14 pipes. The organ was put up in 2000 during a radical restoration of the church.

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Longitude : 10.195006
Latitude : 57.068634