The former underground water reservoir, also called The Cisterns, offer unique exhibition spaces for art. It is located in Søndermarken across from Frederiksberg Palace.

Beneath Søndermarken's green grass you will find a huge underground space where the daylight never reaches. Here you will enter a dark, cold and damp world that resembles both forgotten cathedrals and gloomy catacombs.

Two refined glass pyramids mark the entrance to the museum. Natural daylight cannot enter these former water cisterns where 16 million litres of drinking water used to flow.

Urban stalactite cave

Today the cisterns are characterized as an urban stalactite cave - the only one in Denmark.

For years the cisterns were used as the Museum of Modern Glass Art. However, the exhibition space is no longer restricted to a particular artistic medium. Instead, it will be the Cisterns' distinctive architecture and unique climatic conditions that will determine which creative ideas and thoughts that take place under ground.

Exhibition by Christian Lemmerz

The exhibition Andante is created specifically for the cisterns by artist Christian Lemmerz. It appears as a large living sculpture - a sea of ​​candles that illuminate and stage the site's dramatic appearance. For those who have followed Christian Lemmerz over the years, it will awaken glimmer of recognition, but at the same time the exhibition offers a decisive break from his former art pieces.

Opening hours
01/03/2014 - 30/11/2014 Tuesday - Sunday11:00 - 17:00
Admission Price
Admission - 50.00 DKK
Senior citizens
Admission - 40.00 DKK
Admission - 40.00 DKK
Children under 14 years
Free entrance

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