City Camp

City Camp is located right behind the shopping mall Fisketorvet with multiple shops, restaurants and new line cinemas. Few minutes walk from the S-train Station Dybbølsbro - next stop the Central Station.

City Camp's capacity is 450 campers. There is separate showers and toilets, washing machines/dryers and collection facilities. The ground is manpowered 24 hours a day and surrounded by fence.

Reservation is possible at or at + 45 2142 5384.
All you have to do is inform City Camp about your license plate number, arrival and departure date.
When you arrive you will receive a sticker for your window showing how many days you paid for.

Opening hours
30/05/2013 - 08/09/2013 Monday - Sunday -

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Tømmergravsgade 2
2450 København SV


+45 2142 5384

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  • Coordinates

    Longtitude : 12.557806000
    Latitude : 55.659056