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Collegial divorce

Purpose: To provide networking opportunities for people. So that they can meet someone other than the colleague or friend they brought as guest to the conference.


At the beginning of something new during the conference, for example at the start of the day or after a break.


The facilitator asks people to walk to another part of the room. If you go to a conference with a colleague it is often difficult to meet other interesting people who participate in the conference. In the "find a new space the facilitator takes on the responsibility of making sure people get to talk to new participants – someone they have not spoken to before.

Why involve your meeting participants

Active involvement makes meetings more valuable because:

  1. It helps you make better decisions
  2. It increases networking and knowledge sharing
  3. It engages and motivates the participants

More info about this excercise

Nina Tange, Learning Lab Denmark,, +45 2630 0414

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