Contact a Meetovator

Contact one of our in-house Meetovators and get the answers you need to succesfully do a creative setup with a significant impact!

Christina Andersen - North America

Sales & Marketing Manager for the Meeting Industry in North America. Christina can be reached at or +1 212 885 9772

Ines Lebæk - UK/Ireland

Sales Manager for Business Tourism in the UK and Ireland. Ines can be reached at or at +44 20 7201 3985

Ines Lebæk, Sales Manager, Business Tourism

Stefanie Biese - Germany

Sales Manager for Business Tourism in Germany. Steffi can be reached at or +49 40-320 21 123 

Stefanie Biese, Sales Manager for Business Tourism in Germany

Bente Nørskov - AUS & Int. Business Events

Marketing Manager for Australia & International Business Events. Bente can be reached at or +45 32 88 99 23 

Bente Nørskov, Marketing Manager - AUS & Int. Business Events

Nina Akimova - Russia

Marketing Manager for Russia. Reach Nina at or +45 32 88 99 78 

Nina Akimova, Marketing Manager for Russia