Copenhagen according to Nikhita Singh

Canadian engineer and designer Nikhita Singh recently traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark. As part of her travels, Nikhita often illustrates her experiences by drawing in her notebook - a skill she learned by her aunt who used to run an art school in India. Nikhita has shared her illustrations and thoughts about her visit to Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen.

Danish breakfast at Bang&Jensen

"I loved the eclectic look of the cafe Bang&Jensen and the area around! We were staying in an Airbnb just around the corner so it was a perfect place for breakfast and people watching. As for the breakfast — Danish breakfast is basically ideal for someone like me who’s incredibly indecisive about breakfast foods since its my favorite meal of the day. And Danish breakfast lets you have a bit of everything which I adore."

Finding inspiration through Danish design

"One of the main reasons for my trip to Copenhagen, was that I really wanted to get some design inspiration before starting grad school. I’m basically in love with Danish and Scandinavian design. I love that the design is so simple and beautiful, yet it is so well thought out. I bought a weird assortment of things from Hay and other designers including a bunch of cool stationary, a wallet and lots of little things to decorate my apartment."

The Paper Island - papirøen

"Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen was one of my favorite parts of Copenhagen. I loved the shipping containers covered into seating and all the fun uses of recycled materials. The industrial feel of the area plus the little orange juice trolleys and the aesthetic of the food market itself was amazing! Furthermore you get a perfect view of the water and harborfront."

Sipping coffee on Illums rooftop

"We tried out Original Coffee on the rooftop of the Illum Department Store which was delicious. The coffee table books laying around there were also amazing to flip through while sitting on the outside balcony enjoying the nice weather. "

Picnic on Sønder Boulevard

"We bought a bunch of delicious supplies from nearby grocery stores and took a picnic to Sønder Boulevard on Vesterbro. It is a great space for people watching, and it was really nice to see the people using this area as a meeting up spot and imagining what it would actually be like to live in the area."



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Nikhita Singh is a Canadian engineer and designer with a passion for traveling.